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Freedom to choose in women's reproductive rights. Freedom from censorship in our libraries. Rights for all LGBTQIA+ persons. To protect our environment and reducing our footprint on the earth. Support our Public schools. Embrace and champion diversity, inclusion, and equity. Racial justice and reform in our legal systems. Support gun-sense legislation. Access to affordable and universal healthcare. 

meet our ftp il leadership team

Diane scholten


bill scown


lindsay prigge

Secretary &
Volunteer Coordinator

Ways we connect


We provide community members with a way to get to know their local candidates more through volunteering in areas such as writing letters to the editor, knocking on doors to meet voters and share their candidates message, boosting social media messages, and more.


We work with candidates to identify areas in their campaign where local volunteers are needed the most and connect them with our volunteers who are on their ballot or are community leaders in their district. For The People also highlights candidates partners share our values.

We are passionate about helping future and current local leaders.

The last several elections have shown that the Barrington Area is full of residents who share our values and wish for representation reflective of them in local and state wide leadership. Our goal is to connect these residents to candidates on their ballot and bring leadership to our local government that truly represent us. Getting candidates elected starting with our local offices such as school board, library trustee, and your Village government all the way up to our representatives at the state level and beyond.